An apple a day…

I can’t believe it’s been more than three years since I had my first laparoscopic procedure to burn the endometriosis in my abdomen. I feel as though it was just yesterday that I came out of that Hawaii surgery room dizzy and in excruciating pain but hopeful.

At the same time, I feel like that day was soooo long ago. It’s all a fuzzy memory I’m trying so hard to remember.

Since my first surgery, I’ve been to the doctor, the urgent care or the emergency room more than a dozen times, each time for some new symptom.

My fiancé and I did not take chances with my health.

Following my second surgery in 2018, I began seeing a pelvic floor therapist, who helped me tremendously.

I was having severe back pain, so I did two things recommended by my endo specialist: I got a Mirena inserted and I got a back x-ray to check for abnormalities. The x-ray came back normal.

The Mirena stayed in about five months, but it took about four for it to “settle.” In retrospect I think it helped kill my back pain. Shortly after removing it, my back pain came back with a vengeance got progressively worse every day.

Last July, the strangest thing happened to me.

I had a seizure. And then I had another. And another and another. I had 10 seizures in about three days. The doctors were flabbergasted when my scans came back negative.

A neurologist called the seizures I had psychogenic. I spent three days in the hospital and missed six weeks of work due to the unpredictability of the seizures. I couldn’t drive for three months.

Here I am once again, after another laparoscopic procedure, but this time I’m extremely happy, hopeful and in a great place emotionally.

As soon as I got out of that surgery room, I instantly felt better. My back no longer hurt. I was impressed with how quickly I felt the benefits of the surgery. Is it in my head? I doubt it.

I’m eager to see what six months of recovery will look like for me. I want to take dance classes, pilates, barre… I want to run and lift weights.

I know I can.

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