Bladder trouble

I look seven months pregnant…

Which is ironic considering it is physically impossible for me to conceive. I’m missing the parts.

It’s been three days since my total hysterectomy. The procedure took four and a half hours. My doctor spent 30 minutes removing my uterus and the remaining four excising the endo from my colon and other organs; and untangling an ovary that had latched on to my pelvic wall.

Instead of making one incision through my belly button, Dr. Guan made two additional incisions, including one close to my peppermint tattoo. I’ll have to cover that up later.

And I’m home now. I stayed overnight due to the pain and because I was having trouble emptying my bladder. I’d urinate a bit but after the nurse would do a bladder scan to check whether I was emptying, she’d say I needed to empty more. At least twice the nurses had to straight cath me to relieve the pressure on my abdomen and kidneys. My doctor suggested to wear the catheter home; but I told her that I was not about that life

She then said I might have to stay the night depending on what the next bladder scans showed. Fortunately, I was able to successfully pee and head home.

I’m still having trouble with urinating. I’m worried that I might get an infection. After my last endo excision, I got UTIs back to back. When the doctor put me on macrobid, I broke out in a rash all over my body. That’s how I discovered my allergy to sulfa drugs. But the UTI was the worst and I never want to go back there.

I’m drinking water like a maniac, which is good and bad.

I will add post op pics later so you can see how bloated I am.

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