My endo story was featured in a magazine

My endometriosis story — complete with all the details of surgery — was featured in the May issue of Texas Hill Country Culture.

What an amazing honor to be thought highly enough to be able to share my endo journey in a publication. I was even featured as a contributing writer, which I had not expected.

This all started just a few weeks before my big trip to China (that’s a story for another day). My bestie Jenna was in a brainstorming meeting at the paper she works for and they were coming up with topics for their women’s issue of Culture. Well, Jenna being the amazing woman she is decided that women’s health should be a priority over makeup and fashion — other ideas that were being tossed around.

She asked me if I wanted to contribute and since I have been doing so much work with the Endometriosis Foundation of Houston lately, it made sense.

One of the reasons I started this blog — and joined up with EFHou in the first place — was to bring the knowledge of endo into every household, school and into the mind of every person who’d listen. For something that affects one out of 10 women, it’s a shame that not many people could tell you what endo even is.

I began this blog more than a year ago prior to my second excision surgery. For me, it was also a way to confront my disease and effects of surgery head on. It was a great comfort to me when I had no one else to talk to. Flashforward to a year later, and my audience has grown immensely!

Plus, I’ve began focusing my Instagram on my healing/endo/travel journey. You know what’s hard? Traveling with a chronic illness. So many things I have to think about when I do it that I’m pretty sure other, “normal” people don’t.

Do you bring a heating pad and three different types of pain reliever with you when you travel? What about Icy Hot or lidocaine? How many times do you have to stop, rest or take a nap?

If you haven’t already, check out my instagram page. Let’s be friends.

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