Alternative medicine

As someone who is suffering from chronic pain due to endometriosis and inflammatory bowel disease, I’m always looking for ways to relieve my body aches. I’ll go over those ways in today’s post.

After months of getting zero relief from the suggested 1,000 mg of acetaminophen and 800 mg of ibuprofen, I decided to try other routes.

Sure, the Norco and the Percocets help to alleviate the pain, but they are also addictive and can damage your body. Marijuana is illegal in Texas and unless you’re using the right kind or have a prescription, CBD oil is really hit or miss for me. I was using the CBD oil that didn’t have the THC in it, but it’s pricey and didn’t offer much in pain relief.

Then a friend told me that his girlfriend, who also has endometriosis, swears by kratom – a plant from the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. The leaves of the mitragyna speciosa are finely ground and ingested. It has been used to treat chronic pain or opioid withrawals, but research on its benefits is limited. My friend’s girlfriend used the powder than used orange juice to wash it down. I found pills and used them the same way.

***DISCLAIMER: In no way am I recommending the use of kratom. I am simply stating what I’ve tried and what has worked for me.

Lately and for several months, my lower back pain and bowel pain has been unbearable. I can’t sit or stand for very long. I left the office today and went by a smoke shop to see if I could find a something (an essential oil, better CBD oil, anything…) that would help.

The gentlemen who helped me told me I would fall in love with OPMS Liquid Kratom. After about 10 minutes of chatting about symptoms and stuff I’ve tried, he said I could have my money back if I didn’t like it. He said I could either micro dose it or take the entire shot like it was intended. The 8.8 mL bottle was $25.

OPMS Liquid Kratom 8.8 mL

Once I got home, I googled it and saw the price was between $17 to $55 with the average price of about $20.

Then I got my orange juice and took half the shot.

It tasted like a grainy, thick, minty espresso shot. It did not go down smooth. And I had to gargle OJ to remove the taste. But within 20 minutes, I was feeling the effects. I could no longer feel my back pain and the stress melted off of me like cheap makeup on a hot day.

I felt refreshed.

The Ted Bundy documentary I was watching on Netflix faded into the background. It was like my pain had been killed and I hadn’t had to use a crazy, dangerous drug to do it.

From my understanding, this kratom has higher alkaloids and is created using cold water. It makes it more potent and is not for beginners. Anyone wanting to get into kratom should start with a small dose. Users can build up tolerance rather quickly.

What have you tried in your journey to relieve endo/fibromyalgia pain?

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