Excision surgery

I’m coming up on one year since I had my surgery. The surgery that was supposed to relieve my pain. One year ago, my back was on fire, I was wrapped up in fetal position, and I was exhausted and depressed.

Today, I’m all those things minus the depression.

Did the surgery help? I believe it did. But it also caused an entire new set of problems, including digestive issues, urinary issues and more pain. Not to mention, that my cervix hurt for many months following the surgery.

One thing I will recommend (and I’ll talk about it in more depth in another post) is pelvic flood therapy. It strengthened the muscles in my abdomen and pelvis and relieved some of the pain.

Since my surgery, I know a lot more now, too. I’ve met a group of amazing women, who launched Endometriosis Foundation of Houston, of which I’m a board member.

It’s about raising awareness of this awful disease in the country’s fourth largest city.

So far, so good. We’ve got a small gathering and we’re trying to build momentum.

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