Feeling better

Nausea subsided for a bit yesterday, so that I could eat one of my fiance’s awesome homemade sliders during the Superbowl.

After the endometriosis excision surgery, I wasn’t able to truly eat and successfully keep anything down. So since Friday, I had been nibbling here and there. Crackers, chocolate pudding, beans, chicken broth…

But Sunday, I downed a slider, a handful of French fries and half a pickle mozzarella stick. Yum.

My belly also looks slightly less bloated. It still feels tender and if I let up on the vicodin, excruciating pain follows. Yet, overall it looks like some of the inflammation has subsided. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and taking the ibuprofen round-the-clock at scheduled/ prescribed doses.

(It also helps that I was able to finally have a bowel movement. 💩💩✨💫👌🏽)


I stood for a couple of hours today, much longer than the past two days. I mean I’m already walking but I’ve been taking breaks by lying back down. Today I stood, then sat upright for a few hours while my best friend dyed my hair pink.

It’s weird because I feel like I should be up and about running circles and cleaning/cooking, working but then when I get exhausted or start clutching my side do I remember that a doctor recently cut a hole in my belly button to scrape off endometrium from the backside of my uterus. OH YEAH! IT HURTS!

The morning following the surgery, the doctor also came in and was like:

By the way, we tore your cervix while we were in there. Just in case you reach into your vagina and find the stitches and you’re bleeding. It’s not a big deal.

I haven’t decided how I should feel about that yet.

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