Countdown to painfree

I can’t stop shaking. Even as I type this my hands tremble gently.

Tomorrow is the big day. I’ll be out of surgery by this time tomorrow (hopefully).

I’m sitting here on my lunch break, trying to calm myself. Telling myself over and over that it’s an outpatient procedure, so I shouldn’t be this nervous. It’s a common procedure, a blip on a doctor’s schedule. Next!

This isn’t a brain transplant. I’ll be fine.

Starting at 6 p.m., I need to avoid certain foods, drinks. Nothing too heavy. Stick to toast, apple juice, cranberry juice. NO Orange juice, they tell me. I’m not sure why.

I talked to Danny last night and said that he needed to make sure that under no circumstance is he allowed to give in to my certain incessant future pleas for fast food following the surgery. No cheeseburgers. No pizza. No chocolate cake. No comfort food to ease the pain.

I’m hopeful the anesthesia will make me nauseated enough to ignore any possible cravings I’ll experience. For now, the anxiety I feel is enough to curb my appetite.

I took half an Ativan. Where’s the other half?

It’ll be OK. Tomorrow will come and go and by next week, I’ll be so thankful I chose to undergo this endometriosis excision surgery. All I can do now is be patient, calm and hopeful.

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