An Endo symptom no one talks about

Little research exists on endometriosis when compared to other chronic illnesses.

For a disease that affects 1 in 10 women, that fact is disheartening. Especially for sufferers like myself.

While I experience the more common of the symptoms, including pelvic pain, I also experience a symptom that not many people may recognize: Endo Belly.

Within 24 hours, I can go from having a relatively flat belly to an inflated, pregnant-looking stomach.

It hurts. It’s embarrassing and it’s difficult to talk about when you don’t understand it yourself.

Just last week, I experienced horrible endo belly symptoms.

On New Year’s Eve, the dress I wore on Christmas didn’t fit me when I wanted to leave my home to ring in the new year. I felt bloated, fat and ugly. Only my $5 Hanes gray, oversized sweatpants were comfortable enough to wear. I didn’t go out.

But I couldn’t wear sweats to work, so I wore loose-fitting tights and an oversized shirt to cover my abdomen. I felt disgusting.

Lately, the symptom has been happening a lot more.

I am monitoring my food intake, but this last flare up happened right as I re-upped my birth control (Hormonal changes are another huge stressor I deal with on a daily basis).

Recently, I decided to go back to eating my weekly prepared meals of chicken, rice and some sort of vegetable with nuts or avocado on the side. It helps keep me healthy and lessens the affects of endo belly.

As I get closer and closer to my surgery scheduled for Feb. 1, I am hoping that I can maintain good eating habits, so that any nausea or other symptoms associated with the surgery don’t get in the way.

I can only imagine what my belly will look like after my surgery.

Please let me know your experiences with excision surgery, endo belly or endometriosis in general.

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